About AQ Connect
Virtual Social Network for Avatars from Various Virtual Worlds to share their virtual life experiences.

Welcome to AQ Connect!

AQ Connect is a unique social network designed specifically for avatars from various virtual environments. Founded by AQ Originals and spearheaded by Athayus Quan, AQ Connect is based in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Our platform provides a vibrant community where users can create and interact with avatars from worlds such as Second Life, Sinespace, VRChat, Mikoverse, and many other virtual realms.

Our Mission

At AQ Connect, our mission is to bridge the gap between different virtual environments and create a unified space where avatars can socialize, share experiences, and build meaningful connections. We aim to provide a safe, engaging, and immersive social experience tailored to the needs of the virtual community.

Why AQ Connect?

  • Avatar-Based Networking: AQ Connect is all about your virtual persona. We understand the importance of avatars in the digital age, and our platform is designed to celebrate and enhance this unique form of self-expression.

  • Diverse Community: Join a diverse and inclusive community of avatars from various virtual worlds. Whether you are a seasoned virtual world explorer or a newcomer, AQ Connect welcomes you.

  • Privacy Focused: Your privacy is our priority. We do not collect or sell real-life information. All interactions are based on your avatar, ensuring a safe and anonymous social experience.

  • Creative Freedom: Express yourself freely with your avatar. Share your stories, creations, and experiences without the constraints of real-life identities.

What We Offer

  • Profile Customization: Create a detailed profile for your avatar, complete with photos, bio, and virtual world affiliations.
  • Social Interaction: Connect with other avatars through messaging, group chats, and virtual events.
  • Content Sharing: Share photos, videos, and updates from your virtual adventures.
  • Community Events: Participate in events, contests, and meet-ups hosted within the AQ Connect community.

Join Us Today!

Become a part of AQ Connect and explore a world where your avatar can truly shine. Sign up today and start connecting with like-minded avatars from around the globe.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to send a message to Athayus Quan via Instant Message on the site. We are here to help you make the most of your AQ Connect experience.

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